The history of our company

Polytrade was founded in 1996 as a trading company to handle the export of natural resins. We are a well-structured, technologically modern company with qualified human capital, established in Curitiba, located in the south of Brazil. Strategically, the region provides an excellent infrastructure, close to ports, airports, highways, abundant natural resources of high quality and great capacity of resin production.

Product Applications

Concrete additives, air entraining agents and plasticizers

Anionic bitumen emulsifier for SS-1 / SS-1H emulsions, slurry seal & microsurfacing

Product with a high adhesion in the bonding of metal parts of motors, gaskets, joints & pipes

Ingredient to produce cheese, sausage & fruit varnishes

Ingredient to produce flexographic inks, fireworks and the varnish for the layer of silver nitrate on mirrors

Ingredient to produce capping cement for bulb lamps, polish for wooden surfaces, varnish coat for furniture and craft works

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