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Founded in 1995 in the city of Curitiba, south of Brazil, as a trading company named Ripom, and later in 1997 was named Polytrade. The region not only provides natural resources as to provides required qualified professionals and booming environmental in the international trade.


To offer international business solutions by trading, distributing, providing products and services of high quality, searching for the best business practices and opening new market frontiers responsibly and profitably, aiming at clients, stockholders, employees, and stockholder's satisfaction.

About Us

Natural Resins With High Quality Standards In order to manufacture product with the quality standards and flexibility of today's market requires, Polytrade has chosen the city of Curitiba in south Brazil as a strategic location. The region not only provides the necessary qualified human resources but also an exciting and booming enviroment in international trade. With such favourable ingredients Polytrade has been able to consolidate its activities covering different areas and countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, and South Africa, among others. While relying on partnerships and alliances in which intelligent strategies are set up both with local and foreign companies, Polytrade has been accomplishing its objectives and meeting its clients needs and expectations. Rendering solutions with efficiency and delivering products and services within a solid concept of quality sums up the company's philosophy to which it has remained faithful through out the years.